We enable the digitized supply chain.

Streamlined supply chains

Reduce costs. Increase revenues. The smart use of big data is the key. We leverage our expertise in industrial IoT to deliver unprecedented visibility to your supply chains and asset fleets, making efficient management as seamless and effortless as possible. By making things flow better, we eliminate waste and maximize utility. In short: we make supply chains smart.

An open platform for open flow

Every player in pursuit of flow needs easy access to powerful tools. Our industry-leading neutral and open ecosystem does just that. We believe that the future of logistics calls for collaboration, and our system reflects our thinking. No matter the industry, every single stakeholder is empowered by the depth of our insights to fully and efficiently utilize their fleets and supply chains.

Hands-on brains

Our minds are as enthusiastic as our fingers. We are always testing our theories and working to build even better solutions. We come to work with a curiosity and focus, taking pleasure in what we do. We ask sharper questions and seek clearer answers. And we push the boundaries every day, looking for the next level in our pursuit of flow.

Service-based solutions

Nexxiot's solution is designed around specific customer use cases and needs. It is a modular solution provided as a service. Customers pay only for the value they receive - the data and insights. The solution can be deployed across large fleets without any upfront hardware costs.

The power of flow

Smart sensors. Smart supply chains.

The Nexxiot Globehopper smart sensor modules are built to track location and movement as well as detect shock. Designed for ultra-low power consumption and equipped with a solar panel, the modules can operate six years or more, even at the standard five-minute data transmission interval. Designed for rail cars and tank containers, our ATEX device is intrinsically safe on the transport asset and the cargo inside. Globehopper modules also act as gateways for external sensors, such as load and temperature trackers, to integrate additional data on the transport asset and the freight inside. In addition to its own modules, Nexxiot can also integrate third-party sensors into its solution if required. A software and hardware development kit is available for third-party manufacturers in order to include their sensors into the Nexxiot platform and solution.

Data extraction, integration, processing and analysis.

Data from Nexxiot and third-party devices is extracted to the Nexxiot cloud and cleaned up for further analysis. Additional data and information, such as freight bills, vessel movements, weather, etc., can be integrated from almost any sources and contextualized with the sensor data. A powerful event processing engine allows you to design customized events and triggers to cover your specific use cases.

Insight delivery and distribution.

Depending on the use case and your requirements, you can display the generated insights on the Nexxiot Connect website or mobile app user interface or transmit them directly to already existing IT systems through standard APIs. All interfaces can be made available to third parties (e.g. customers, ground handlers, terminals, etc.) to allow you to further commercialize the insights and open up new revenue streams.