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Get your cars on track


Optimize your fleet

Know where your rail assets are and what their status is - anywhere, anytime. By maximizing your fleet management efficiency, you'll shorten turnaround times, decrease idle times and reduce empty runs.


Reduce maintenance costs

With full asset transparency, you can track precisely how far your cars have travelled, monitor and make sense of shocks, as well as assess damage and determine the source to speed up and improve claims processing.


Plan trips seamlessly

Keep track of your rail assets, what they are carrying and where they are going. With end-to-end visibility, you'll unleash the power of flow, matching assets with order data to plan trips seamlessly and in real time.


Make cargo loading smart

Monitor the loading process to facilitate dispatch and avoid overloading or improperly loading your rail cars, which can cause damage or complicate border crossings. And know when to remove improperly loaded assets.

Rail freight in real time

Track and trace

Nexxiot's Globehopper smart sensor modules use enhanced GPS technology to track and trace assets and allow near real-time rail fleet management based on asset availability and position. Leverage this data to optimize flow, prevent or bill demurrage and seamlessly link multiple jobs.

Maintenance scheduling

Our maintenance package offers high-precision railcar mileage tracking and automatic maintenance scheduling for each individual asset. Utilize this tool to prioritize railcars with lower mileage and optimize your fleet management efficiency.

Shock monitoring

Our damage detection identifies shock patterns, classifies damage and triggers maintenance notifications. Take advantage of this feature to improve shock performance, determine the cause of damage or identify high-shock locations in the rail infrastructure.

Trip management

Geofences provide the ability to define geographic boundaries and trigger automatic notifications. Use this technology to monitor railcar locations and movement compared with the planed route and accurately predict arrival times and pickups.