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See beyond the horizon


Optimize fleet management

Know where your containers are and what their status is at all times. By maximizing your global container fleet management efficiency, you'll shorten turnaround times, decrease idle times, lower demurrage bills and reduce empty runs.


Increase occupancy rate

With full asset transparency, you can track precisely when a container arrives at port or the customer's facility. Leverage this data to optimize pick up operations and decrease waiting times.


Plan trips seamlessly

Keep track of your container assets, what they are carrying and where they are going. With end-to-end visibility, you'll unleash the power of flow, matching assets with order data to plan trips seamlessly and in real time.


Manage cargo quality

Monitor temperature and environmental conditions to ensure each product maintains the required quality standards and avoid product waste.

A sea of possibilities

Track and trace

Nexxiot's Globehopper smart sensor modules use enhanced GPS technology to track and trace assets and allow near real-time container fleet management based on asset availability and position. Leverage this data to optimize flow, prevent or bill demurrage and seamlessly link multiple jobs.

Trip management

Geofences allow you to define geographic boundaries and trigger automatic notifications. Use this technology to monitor container locations and movement compared with the planned route, accurately predict arrival times and pickups, receive idle time alerts and automatically trigger relocations.

Cargo monitoring

By integrating Globehopper sensor module data with cargo temperature data, you'll always know right away when something isn't right. Use this feature to set up alerts that are triggered when set thresholds are reached.