Hamburg/Zurich, 18 July 2019 –- Nexxiot, the specialist for applied digital solutions in logistics, continues its growth course. In recent days, the start-up has received a grant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry. With the help of sensors on transport objects, Nexxiot digitizes large logistics fleets and makes them visible online. This allows companies to use their fleets more efficiently, which saves CO2. Nexxiot receives a loan guarantee from the Swiss Technology Fund for its business model. This fund is a climate policy instrument of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). The guarantee enables Nexxiot to obtain a loan of three million Swiss francs.

“We see ourselves as the enabler of a digitalized supply chain. This brings much needed transparency to the global supply chain, especially as world trade is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. With our solutions, we give our customers a transparent view of their entire fleet, ensuring more efficient deployment. This will enable them to develop new business models and ultimately reduce harmful emissions,” says Helmut Kaspers, CEO of Nexxiot.

Nexxiot digitizes transport objects such as wagons or tank containers and provides information to track and monitor these shipments. Nexxiot is currently the market leader in rail freight and already works for large companies such as SBB Cargo, Trinity Rail, DB Cargo, VTG and HUPAC. But the start-up has also been able to win customers in the air freight sector. The company is currently working on a project to digitize the world's largest ULD (Unit Load Device) fleet.

Nexxiot currently employs 56 people. The majority of its employees are based in Zurich, but the company has also opened offices in Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. In North America, activities are managed from an office in Dallas, Texas. “We are currently expanding our team in Europe and are on the verge of strategically important expansion in the USA. The guarantee of the technology fund supports us in this,” Kaspers continues. On behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment, the Technology Fund provides guarantees to Swiss companies whose innovative products sustainably reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

About Nexxiot:
Nexxiot AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a pioneer and industry leader in the development and delivery of digital supply chain management solutions. It is a spin-off of ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading technical universities. Founded in 2015, the company can rely on more than ten years of research in the areas of complex systems, big data algorithms and ultra-low power embedded technology. Three successful investment rounds enable the company to pursue ambitious global expansion plans. In addition to its headquarter in Switzerland, the company has offices in Germany and the USA.

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