Hamburg / Zurich, 4th June 2020 – Nexxiot is delighted to announce that its technology and services are compliant with DCSA’s new IoT Standards for Container Connectivity.

Nexxiot holds a key role in supporting the standardisation process across the industry. The DCSA (Digital Container Shipping Association) envisages digitally interconnected container shipping and seeks to ensure customers have a choice of seamless, easy-to-use services that meet business and sustainability goals.

Nexxiot supports DCSA’s mission to drive technology standards and frameworks that enable carriers to bring innovative solutions to market and ensure vendors offer interoperable technology.

Through our contribution and compliance, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement across the digital supply chain.

About DCSA:
DCSA, in conjunction with member carriers, has published the IoT Standard for Gateway Connectivity Interfaces for the global container shipping industry. This standard is designed to enable industry-wide interoperability between IoT devices (including “smart containers”) and the supporting network infrastructure. This sets the foundation for an interoperable framework of smart container solutions.

With these standards in place, carriers and supply chain participants will be one step closer to providing customers with an uninterrupted flow of relevant information regarding the whereabouts of containers and the status of their contents at any point along the container journey.

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About Nexxiot:
Nexxiot AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a pioneer and industry leader in the development and delivery of digital supply chain management solutions. It is a spin-off of ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading technical universities. Founded in 2015, the company can rely on more than ten years of research in the areas of complex systems, big data algorithms and ultra-low power embedded technology. Three successful investment rounds enable the company to pursue ambitious global expansion plans. In addition to its headquarter in Switzerland, the company has offices in Germany and the USA.

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