We enable the digitized supply chain.

Streamlined supply chains

Reduce costs. Increase revenues. The smart use of big data is the key. We leverage our expertise in industrial IoT to deliver unprecedented visibility to your supply chains and asset fleets, making efficient management as seamless and effortless as possible. By making things flow better, we eliminate waste and maximize utility. In short: we make supply chains smart.

An open platform for open flow

Every player in pursuit of flow needs easy access to powerful tools. Our industry-leading neutral and open ecosystem does just that. We believe that the future of logistics calls for collaboration, and our system reflects our thinking. No matter the industry, every single stakeholder is empowered by the depth of our insights to fully and efficiently utilize their fleets and supply chains.

Hands-on brains

Our minds are as enthusiastic as our fingers. We are always testing our theories and working to build even better solutions. We come to work with a curiosity and focus, taking pleasure in what we do. We ask sharper questions and seek clearer answers. And we push the boundaries every day, looking for the next level in our pursuit of flow.

Company Presentation

Imagine the possibilities of fully digitized assets and a transparent supply chain. Learn more about Nexxiot and download the company presentation.

We are Nexxiot - We are international, hands-on-brain, fresh, flexible and innovative!

At Nexxiot, we pride ourself for our international diversity and our ability to never shy away from a challenge and to instead flow through them and tacle them with our strenght of characters. We prefer to view challenges as our opportunity to continually develop ourselves and our ways of working.

Manager Team

Helmut Kaspers


Marcel Scheurer


Andy Nutz


Uwe Bormann

VP Marketing

Timon Bock

VP Sales

Ryan O'Neil Martin

VP Finance

Daniel MacGregor

Co-Founder & Corporate Ambassador

Sahar Sabouni

VP Human Resources

Andrew Malakoff

President of Americas

Mark Carlson

VP Business Development US

Oliver Marschall

VP Solutions & Customer Service

Nexxiot HQ

Nexxiot AG
Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201
8005 Zürich, Switzerland
+41 44 275 51 51

Nexxiot USA

Nexxiot Inc
7290 Virginia Parkway
Suite 3000
McKinney, TX 75071, United States
+1 214 292 7784

Nexxiot Germany

Nexxiot GmbH
Van der Smissen Strasse 2
22767 Hamburg, Germany
+41 44 275 51 51

Customer Success and Solutions
Eisenstraße 5
65428 Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany
+41 44 275 51 51